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help with server sounds
Im trying to play sounds on my server. Im having a problem. First i have typed into my sound.txt the sound i want played: "howdy2" admin_plugin/howdy2.wav. I have the sound in srcds/hl2mp/sound/admin_plugin but when i type ma_play howdy2 in the console it says:
Failed to load sound "admin_plugin/howdy2.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository.

Can someone tell what this means help me with. And dont tell me to read any documents.
Creeping Death Wrote:And dont tell me to read any documents.

lol, but reading manis documentation would answer your question...

but anyways, add the file to the downloads.txt file so it will be downloaded to clients when they connect. then restart the server, and connect to it, and it should download the file to you. Big Grin
"add the file to the downloads.txt"

ok but how do i write it into text, the way its shown in the text (or the document!) is not very clear. im trying to download file: "howdy2" admin_plugin/howdy2.wav could you show me how i would write that into the text.

also i have other sounds that were their when i got the mani plugin and they work fine. so why are they not in the downloads.txt

it should work fine without adding them to the downloads.txt file, but its just for some very od reason, it doesn't like to all the time. have you restarted the server since you added the sound? and shouldn't the path to the sound be like sound/admin_plugin/howdy2.wav? nevermind that, lol. although to put it in the downloads.txt file you would have to put that whole path. but anyways, your downloads.txt file should look something like this when your done

    // Add any files you wish to have downloaded to a clients system in here
    // The key can be any name you wish.
    // The value must be the location on your server of the file

        "howdy2"    "sound/admin_plugin/howdy2.wav"

like i said, it should work without doing that, its just sometimes its slow at realizing it should download it to clients when they connect, but adding it there, and restarting the server should assure that its downloaded to everyone.
ok i put it in my downloads.txt and reset the server. i joined it and it downloaded the file but it still says:Failed to load sound "admin_plugin/howdy2.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository.
bah.. what if you reconnect to the server again? does it re-download the file? and if it doesn't, does it work?

cuz i seem to remember way back when i actually wanted the sounds to work, they wouldn't always work right away, which is really annoying. but you had to reconnect again to make them work.
ok i think their working now i shutdown server and hl2dm and left for little while i came back started up again and they all semm to working now. thanx for the help and i will tell you if anything bad happens.

oh and could you tell my how i can play a sound by typing a word into the chat. Example: i type "howdy2" into chat and the sound "howdy2.wav" is played.
well if in console you type ma_play howdy2 to play the sound, then usually in chat you can type @play howdy2 and it should work.
Are you using sv_downloadurl?

Somewhere in the maniconfig there is a cvar that has been set to autodownload any sounds it finds within the soundlist.txt

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