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Server on external Hard Drive
I was wondering if it is possible to runn a server off a external HDD. Here are the specs for the HDD...

Driver Description Maxtor 6 Y080L0 USB Device
Driver Date 7/1/2001
Driver Version 5.1.2535.0
Driver Provider Microsoft
INF File disk.inf

Hard Disk Family DiamondMax Plus 9
Form Factor 3.5"
Formatted Capacity 80 GB
Disks 1
Recording Surfaces 2
Physical Dimensions 146.1 x 101.6 x 26.1 mm
Max. Weight 630 g
Average Rotational Latency 4.17 ms
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Interface Ultra-ATA/133
Buffer-to-Host Data Rate 133 MB/s
Buffer Size 2 MB

Just being curious about this stuff...

might slightly run faster if it is better than another hd, but really its not the hd that matters much...
Well, yah my main one is a 30 gig. so I was just wondering.. Just gotta get a better ISP, (bellsouth) sucks ass.


Yeah, a good isp is really the heart of it, go for a popular cable or dsl provider like optimum or verizon.
the only thing is.. i don't think that usb has as fast of a transfer rate as even eide, can't remember exactly though. the hd mainly matters when starting the server, and map changes. basically though it won't be any better, unless the hd itself transfers faster, but even if its worse, it won't be too much worse.

/edit-just lookd around a little, and usb 2.0 is a bit faster the eide, but not nearly as fast as sata2.. or even sata. so, it should be about the same Big Grin
I believe USB 2.0 has a transfer rate of 480 megabits per second (don't quote me on that). That'd be 60 megabytes per second.

ATA 100 has a transfer rate of 100 megabytes per second and I believe SATA is 150 megabytes per second. I'm not sure how fast the new SATA (SATA 2?) drives are.

By my calculations, USB 2 would be a bit slower, but I don't think it'd be that big of a deal.

Edit: Was curious so I looked up what the new SATA drive speeds are; 300 megabytes per second.
yea, the new sata is awesome. i love it =)

but yea usb 2.0 would only be slower if it was in comparison to a sata drive, although theres still tons of eide drives out there, myself i have atleast 10 spread out in my computers, and usb would be faster then that. i don't remember exactly transfer, but eide (or more commonly just called ide) is crawling compared to sata.

either way! i wouldn't worry about it, it should be fine. but if you run into really long map load times or something, that would be the first thing i would look at.

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