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Server not in internet list
My Source server only shows up in the LAN section, and when I put in this IP : it appears in my favorites. My friend can't connect to that IP, or the one from I forwarded ports on my router as the tutorial said, and even updated my firmware, but it still doesn't work. Now, my cable goes

Wall>Cox cable modem>wireless router(for my laptop)>computer

Do I need to forward the cox modem too? It isn't on

Motorola SB5120
i had that same problem

for me it was because i have a router and the router fire wall was blocking it so i went in my router settings and disabled the router fire wall

i prefer using my windows firewall (i dont sugest doin this if u dont have a fire wall in ur comp)
Nah, didn't fix it, I don't have the firewall on.
thats the lan ip, go to and get your external ip, that would be the ip your friend would have to connect to. it will work only if you have forwarded all the ports correctly on your router.
The guy says he doesnt know how to forward :

In the Router Settings Page
*(ex Http:// U can get that number by getting the gateway.

1- Give ur self a static ip (Ex.
2- Forward the ports u need UDP/TCP ( Dont Forget TCP or else they wont see u in the server list )
This is how I was told to have my ports....

[Image: Server.jpg]

I have it set for both
thought you said the lan ip address of the server was you have it forwarded to 102. that would make it not work, lol.
Forgive me for still having problems.....haha

In the ports that I am forwarding, I changed it to .101

This would be the same IP that I get when I add the server to my favorites.

It says my local IP is .102 and my starting is .100

It still isn't showing up in my server list. Sad
well you might not be able to see your server in the server list.

but anyways.. back to your first post, you have 2 routers? is the linksys one the second one?
because if the server is plugged into the second router from the wall, then you will have to forward the ports in both routers, well actually i think you would have to forward the ports on the second router to the server, and then forward the ports on the first router, to the second router.

it would probly be better to plug the server into the first router, and just forward the ports once. or ditch the first router all together.
Due to my internet service I need the wall>motorola router, then i use wireless on my laptop, so i plug into the linksys then into my compter. I didn't find any ports on for that model motorola. Maybe there are other sites?
i don't know of any other sites. maybe if they have another model of motorola, go off of that for an idea of how to do it? cuz usually different models are atleast simular. thats about the best i can tell you. out side of contacting your isp to find out how to configure there p.o.s. router, lol.
Hahahaha, I'll try it man, thanks!

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