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adding new maps
Been happily running a little css dedi for few weeks now (thanks to some of the help i read here.)

But its about time for a question from me, I downloading this awesome map from some server today, but I only managed to get a round or two in before an admin logged in and changed the map.

So I tried uploading it to my server to give it a shot, and it crashes the srcds with a "pack file" error.
"Incompatible pack file detected! File is compressed" is the exact error.

I'm running debian 2.6.8 with gcc 3.3 and my debug.log (is so helpful Rolleyes )

CRASH: Sun Feb 26 07:42:52 CST 2006
Start Line: ./srcds_i686 -console -game cstrike +map cs_office +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate -debug
End of Source crash report

I tried searching but it doesn't seem to work, so my apologies if this is a silly question.

All I did was upload the file via ftpd and put it in the cstrike/maps directory.

(Furthermore since the first time I crashed the server, now rcon doesn't seem to work, it complains about not finding a master server or something and I keep getting "bad challenge from 68/8")

Thanks for your time.
Have you tried searching for the map name online to try and download it again just to see if that file was corrupt?
Yes, I managed to find one from another mapsite and downloaded it directly to the server - To no avail this did not solve the problem.
Furthermore I can play the map on other servers - Just not on my own.

This rcon thing is still happening too, Even though the server is proper - But i consistently get a "Cannot connect to server" error in rcon, is this just me or are other people suffering from this as well?

It was working correctly until I tried loading that map for the first time - Now its completely broken.

If anyone wants to give it a jab and try and assist me with this i'd very much appreciate it.

Kind regards,
i know this is a old post but for the people that find it in the present
you have to add the name of the map to mapcycle.txt and the maplist.txt
in "gamedir/srcds/cstrike" hope this helps
Pretty sure this problem is well documented but thanks for trying to help Smile.
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