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SRCDS not visible in Favourites or Internet

I've just installed SRCDS for the first time and it runs... sorta. First of all it initializes, which is good, it also connects to Steam's servers and gets VAC authentication, it also adds the master servers. The server is visible from the Lan tab in server on a different client on the internal network. However, when I try to resolve the server through my external IP, it doesn't show up. I know this isn't a problem with my firmware, because just last summer, I was using the same router, firmware, and configuration to run a HL1 (CS) dedicated, and it was completely fine (except for the cable modem latencies). As a test to see if this was SRCDS specific, I decided to run up HL1DS again, HL1DS could not be seen on the Internet or Favourites either, which leads me to believe it could either be my ISP blocking the use of cable IPs for Dedicated Servers or theres a tiny crucial detail that I have overlooked. Any help/suggestions/comments would most appreciated. My external IP is: As of 6:16PM, SRCDS is running Day of Defeat: Source under the hostname "UNICEF Server".


ps: I've attached a couple of screenies to help give you a picture of my router config.

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well you will not be able to bind the server to the external ip. you will have to forward the ports to your internal ip, and so then when clients connect to your external ip it will direct them to your internal ip. but as of now its not showing your server as being active. and i have never heard of cable isps making there ips not able to be used for a dedicated server, but i wouldn't put it past some of these companys.

and just to clarify, it will always be that you will have to connect through the lan tab with the lan ip of the server when on the same local network, and then other people will have to connect using the external ip.
Mmm, intriguing. I remember i used to be able to connect through the favourites tab with HL1DS, but I guess Source does change a lot of things. Gametiger does not list the server as active. *sigh* Oh well, its not like I really need this server. But my DoD team is on a tight budget of about 0 dollars, geh, we can wait.

edit: Correction, gametiger does show my server as up, but the port number is all mutilated, oh man...

edit2: thats it, this d-links gonna get the toss... Are the Linksys routers with SRX any good?
yea, well i haven't heard of anyone being able to do that, lol. just make sure your port forwarding configuratons are correct, theres a site called that may make it a lil easier to make sure.

also some d-link routers have a silly little feature that changes the port to 6something. so when your searching on for your server be sure to just search with your external ip.
lol didn't see you updated the post, but yea.. uhh.. i don't know about linksys with srx, haven't used it, but i know i have used a lot of linksys stuff and never had a problem with any of it.
If u can see it from the lan tab... then thats all u need... if u wanna see it from the favorites tab add the internal ip address of ur computer with the correct port and it should work fine... Wink i just tried it !

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