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Can't log onto server. Get error....
"this steam account has been used to log in from another computer. to continue using steam, you need to log in again."

It only happens on MY srcds server. I can join other internet games just fine. Any ideas?
I would like to add that I was logged into MY server earlier today with no problems.
Have you tried rebooting your servers?
Yes, I have rebooted the server a few times. I looked in the log for the server and it shows my attepmt to log. Then it disconnects me. Says Reason "This Steam account is being used in another locatoin") I have changed my password to my steam just to make sure that no one else could be using it. Any other thoughts? There has to be a file stored on the server that is giving it the wrong info.
lol make sure your joining YOUR server on the lan tab, most the time when youtry to connect to a local server on the internet tab it will display that.

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