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What ports to open?
I have my server be hind a Cisco Firewall. The game is running on port 27015. I have opened that port But I can not see my server in the list on Steam.
I have tried it with out the firewall and it works fine. So I am sure that there is a port I need to open. just not sure which one.
More then likely you wont be able to see your own server in the steam list. Most routers wont allow it, but I know of a few that have. The best way to check it is to look on
Sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to post there so don't feel down if it's not there right away.
also if your running cisco routers i think i may of heard somewhere that they like to change the ports, so if you still can't see your server, try just searching with the external ip. to see if the server is showing up under a different port.

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