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How many BOTs for my system?
Hello ppl!

I need to know how many bots will run smoothly on my system, or, how do I utilize my second CPU?

I have a MSI 649D Pro I Mainboard with dual Pentium 3 at 1GHz. 320MB RAM (doesn't really need to be more, but if it would I could easily get up to nearly 512MB.

My CPU #2 is always at 100% when I'm running SRCDS but my CPU #1 is at 5% (System-processes and services). How can I use CPU #1 for SRCDS too?

I need bots for the Zombie Horde plugin. And I'll need it in one week because it's my LAN-party server.

GreetZZ 3-R4Z0R
well, i don't think that system will run too many bots. from everything i have heard srcds doens't utilize dual cpu's at all. the only thing there good for is multiple servers. so that being said, if the cpu is at 100% i would say thats too many bots. lol.
SRCDS is only 1 string, so I can only run on one processor.

unlike a 64 bit app, which can use more than 1 string for commands

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