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How do u show fps on Linux server ?
i'm still not used to linux, but i like it till now ... i transfered some files from my old Win32 server , only thing not working is mani_stats O_o !!? dont know why .. probably cause i copied and pasted many things .. mani is working fine ..

Only thing i'm looking for now and cant find is the fps .. how can i know what fps i'm running on the server ??

In Xp u can see it if u scroll all the way up ... i know fps_max but dont know how to display my servers fps on linux .. Help with that plz Smile

btw .. the Server is running much more smoothly here on linux than on Xp ..
"stats" directly into the server's console, or "rcon stats" if you're logged in via rcon.
Thanks ...
strangely my fps ranges from 130 - 330 fps ... my fps_max is on 1000
in xp i have 520 mx fps ... is there a timer here in linux i can play with ?? plz dont tell me to compile Kernel lol,,, thanks
Hmmmm.....330fps.....well your kernel probably isn't at 250 then. I get a pretty constant 500fps on mine with fps_max 600. That is on a FreeBSD system. I did get quite a bit of fluctuation on gentoo, debian, and Fedora. Sorry no answer.


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