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Poll: Which OS do u preffer to run ur Server on
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Playing CSS on Linux
I just downloaded the PCLinux. First thing I'm doing is transfer all my previous setup on the XP server to this computer....

But in XP i used to play on my server while running it, I'm sure there is something we can do to run the game here on linux. I'm not sure my distro is the best out there for both running the server and playing on it, but all this is just fun.

I'm sure a good emulator would do the trick, but has anyone tried this ?? i looked for people playing CS:S on linux but couldn't find.
I think i rushed things ... look here if ur interested ..

i'll let u know what happens :p
Last time I attempted to do this, not only did it take me about a week to get it to run with wine properly, but it ran nowhere near the performance that XP offered, not to mention a lot of it looked like pure crap Toungue Not worth the time and effort.
did u higher the proccess priority ?

did u tweak everything up ??

i know with all that we arn't gonna get XP quality ... but i cant run a server and not play on it lol...

I guess its time to buy a new Gaming Box ... Dual 7800 GTX << stuff like that ... and keep this one as the server ..

I dont think its gonna be too hard for Valve to develope a steam version. . they are just to easy ..
Running Steam through WINE is not a great idea. As TBKDan mentioned, you'll get terrible performance and it's very possible you'll see the game crash randomly.

If you want to run a server, and still play on the same machine, run srcds under Windows. Another option, as you mentioned, would be to have one Linux machine, which would run the server, and one machine you'd play on.

Valve is not going to develop a Linux version because it's a waste of time. There's a very limited number of people who run Linux on desktops and an even smaller number who'd be playing Steam games. Why spend time developing something that very few people will use? I'd rather have them spend their time making the current games better and less buggy.

Just my two cents.
totally Agree on that Big Grin
Valve has stated multiple times that they will never make a port of Steam to linux for client side. It's just not going to happen.

As for the poll, I have mixed opinions. I think linux runs things overall a bit smoother, but for higher tickrate servers (scrim servers running at 100tick), I had better experience with windows since it has the possibility for a higher FPS (333 max with linux usually, 550 with windows). It made things run smoother in general. It depends on application and personal preference.
i'm still not used to linux, but i like it till now ... i transfered some files from my old Win32 server , only thing not working is mani_stats O_o !!? dont know why .. probably cause i copied and pasted many things .. mani is working fine ..

Only thing i'm looking for now and cant find is the fps .. how can i know what fps i'm running on the server ??

In Xp u can see it if u scroll all the way up ... i know fps_max but dont know how to display my servers fps on linux .. Help with that plz Smile

btw .. the Server is running much more smoothly here on linux than on Xp ..
found out Mattie Event Scripts isnt workin well either O_o
rcon stats
will show the server fps, usualy need to do it many times in a row to find your average; test it when the server is full of alive players, about 15 seconds after a round starts (the time of the heaviest load.)

i run my srcds on a colo-linux box, because email/web/etc hosting daemons provide a better interface on linux.

srcds will perform better on windows than it does on linux; it's native platform is windows.

i consider the time i spent getting css working through cedega a waste

dont expect valve to port anything to linux, theyre making enough money as is
I have mine running with cedega just fine. It was really easy to get it installed and in my opinion it runs better than it does in windows. I don't even think that it should run on a GeForce 2 but i have it running fine at medium settings and 1024x768. So I'm impressed.

You basically have to run the steam installer, a microsoft installer upgrade thing, and then css.exe and if you have the latest version you should already have the Mozilla ActiveX controls installed.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm running Mandriva 2006 if thats any help to the topic.
I am running a Slackware/wine combo, for me this works perfectly, I intigrated wine into the kernel (this is legal, I didnt edit wine, just the kernelToungue) At first I got massive problems with booting generaly, but afther some try and fail, I got the right config for my computer, and at this time all Porbes that is sendt into my computer think I am running WINXP / VistaToungue Witch I find quite amusingToungue Couse I still run Slackware with a twistToungue
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aaah you people make me laugh, Linux wasnt made for playing games, use it for its most wide known purpose... *whispers "serving"*
cedega roolz 5€ / month licences
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Usually people use cedega to play CS:S. It works ok.

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