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Need help with server rates etc
AMD Athlon 3200+
512kbps download (i know its low)
256kbps upload (yup low again)
plugins: Mani Admin

I am also running the FPS booster.

i need to know how many people i can support (CS: S) on 33 tick and what rates to use so everyone can get a ping of under 100 or 450 for 56kers.

Thanks in advance

low rates, lol. like maxrate at 7000 or 8000 and then a maxupdaterate at like 40 or 50. as far as the amount of people, i would say that you could probly only run 10 people without lag, maybe 12.
thats actually what iv been running atm:

sv_maxrate 7000
sv_maxupdaterate 40

but after about 4 people join everyone pings go up to 800 from the 40 they had before. Any other ways to optimise it?
that could be just your connection being capped.. i hear cable connections are good at capping the connection. if the cpu usage is staying under like 70% and all that, but everyones lagging theni would say its the connection.. maybe try lowering the maxrate more, but i don't know if its gonna help very much.
Yeh, as i said my connection is pretty slow but ill try lowing it some more. The CPU usage doesnt really go up.

The server FPS is usually around 550 (is that good or not?). I don't really know much about this.

Is there anyway to limit the cmdrate or does that not matter?

Thanks for your time and help skeletor

well the server fps is about is good as anything, and if the cpu usage doesn't go up very much then its not that. soo my guess is its just your connection, if lowering the rates more doesn't help, then i don't know.

and the cmdrate won't make everyones ping jump like that, it could make them lag, or appear to lag, but it won't actually raise there ping, if anything it usually makes there ping appear lower if im thinking straight, lol.

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