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Huge CPU Leaks
I just joined this forum, and its actually nice to be here. First off I did not come in here to flame. Alright, Ever since the Counter-strike: Source Militia update our source servers have been off, to say the least. Our Dual Opteron's 248s with 4GB of ram and Scsi hd's, 100mbps uplink, and Centos 4.2. You think, oh that should easily handle 5-6 100tickrate source servers, well guys hell no. After that update a 10 player slot server full, takes up around 50-60 percent of the cpu usage. Upgrading our Kernel helped just a tad, but not really. I'm sure its not Valve's fault, However I've talked to other competing GSP's (I'm the co-ceo of RGS), and their having the same problems. We believe theres a cpu leak in teh srcds_amd binary for linux. The i686 binary, we have for Texas seems to be fine (We have Intel Xeons 3.0GHZ 2MBL2). Our AMD Opteron Machines seem to have this problem, and yes their all running the Same OS with the same kernel, even after updating each server, still same problem. I tried the Beta version *54, and It didn't help one bit, actually it made things worse. After the kernel update it did fix some IO issues, but that was about the extent of the issue. I've got so stressed out about it, we thought we would stop hosting Counter-strike Source. I've talked to several LARGE gsp's and said that they were wasting money on machines because they had to get more and more machines to accomodate the lacklust and horrible resource sucker that SRCDS is. The other GSP's are using Fedore, Centos along with FreeBSD and Even Windows. Even with the OS changes it seems to be still there, the problem that is. Maybe you guys can shed the light on the situation, maybe someone else knows something we don't. I was thinking about a Kernel Recompile, but then I would have to do it on all of our servers, which would take a long while. Any comments or solutions to this would be great.
Thanks Guys.
well with linux i can't help very much, but i know there have been several cpu and memory leaks since the update that brought militia. the best thing i have heard is that the servers will be fine for a day or so, but then go to shit, so they just restart the servers on a daily basis, about 5 am, least likely anyone will be on it. i have also heard that these leaks are worse on linux. and i know i currently only run 1 server on windows 2k3 and i know it can run militia all day and use no more memory or cpu then it ever has. so yea, this more then likely doesn't help at all, but theres a couple linux gurus here, maybe they will catch this and shed a lil light....
Any Help would be great.. Alot of GSP's including us are at an aw with this new srcds update.
you could try the hlds mailing list every now and then somone from valve replys so they watch it.

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