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Hey guys wasup, just wondering what kinda sv_maxrates and sv_maxupdaterates i should be runnin for my clan server. Its a intel celeron 2.7 with 760mb of ram and a 7200 RPM hard drive. With a ok 6mb download and 1mb upload. Just a 20 slot mabye 24 with a 66 tickrate thanks for the help and sorry for the noob question.
Server will be updated in a few days to a new motherboard and oc'd to about a 3.2 and 1.5 gig of ram, then in a few months my connnection is spose to go to a 16mb down with doesn't realy matter, but the upload is going to double to 2mb so thats a little better. thanks
well i guess set the rates pretty high.. the maxupdaterate needs to be atleast what your tick is, but i would put it at like 70 or 80, and the maxrate i guess like 20000 or something. just mess with it and see what works best. i know celerons don't like to run srcds server very well..

and you will be lucky to get 3.2 out of a 2.7 celeron, i would forget the extra memory, and get a better cpu. 760 would be plenty to run 1 server, but the more cpu the better, always.
sounds good thanks for the input greatly apprciated, i figured you would say somthin about the celeron and ive owned it for a little while and had oc'd in a other board allready to a 3.2 with stable heat at max load. but i sold that mobo to a buddy of mine, and have purchased a better so for now its oem specs. The ram is sitten in another tower i got but i might just leave it there. I also have a Pentium 4 1.8 but its the wilmitte core or whatever its called forget sorry. And the celeron is the northwood core which is lower temp core so i like the celeron. but whats ur opinions on what would run it better i have tried both, never oc'd the 1.8 p4 but could be done. thanks man
oh ya don't understand why they wouldn't like to they have the same core as some of the mid grade p4 untill u get into the prescotts i beleive, the diff i thought was the p4 northwoods have 512L2 and the celerons have 128, which i now makes a big diff but for just running one server. I mean i use to run the server with a p3 850 and 400 sdram and 100mhz fsb and play at the same time with no problems. peace im a not but now a tiny but just my thoughts
lol yea, just runnin one server, it shouldn't be to bad, and yea northwood cores are quite a bit cooler then prescott cores. prescott being celeron and p4, and northwood p4's are about the best, but there hard to come by cuz there all goin prescott, which sux, cuz prescott heats up like a mofo. thats why my p4 cpu is, and i actually cooled down the cpu a few degrees by overclocking it. lol. but as far as which would work better p4 1.8 or 2.7 celeron, i don't know, probly they both would work just fine, lol.

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