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error dll help her plz.
Hi i both counter-strike source and when i em launching to it i got this error messeg.

Launcher Error

Faild to load the launcher DLL:

The specified procedure cold not be found.

So i beg you help me plz any one just any one.
thank you for any help.

EDIT: her are some pictures about it. Sad

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Do you have extra "Advanced Start" option parameters for the game? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Have you checked steams Support section of for an article? They have a bunch and I bet you are not the first one to have this issue.

I would try to reinstall it and see what happens.
soo your trying to open css and its giving you that? try letting it update all the way, cuz it says its still updating. and after that restart steam, restart the computer, it will probly work after that, steams good for having little bugs that just require a restart.
Dang lol nice catch skeletor...

Do what he first then start deleting stuff that I said eye! Toungue
what you mean to extra "Advanced Start" ???
And yes i was unistaling and instaling lots of times and restarting and renistaling and nothing same thing !!!
And i havent looked at steams Support.
well you might try going to and search through there support pages, every now and then you will find something usefull in there. it may just be some goofey steam bug. you might have to contact valve, atleast they shouldn't tell you to come here, lol its not a server problem.

and zealot, lol yea, i have learned that when someone submits a screenshot i try to get as much from it as i can, even what there not intending me to see, lol.
What u mean to contact valve how ???

EDIT:and i were at that suport thing didnth helped me even Sad SadSad
yea, well at that support thing, theres a place where you can ask a question.. you can contact them through that.

and yea i searched real quick for an answer and didn't come up with anything either.
ohhh Sad

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