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Laggy Dedicated server
i need ur help guys im running a hlds server how can i reduce lag on my server when i play on my server on the same compBig Grin which i thnk is bad i get like very low pings but when other players comes to the server they get like 100+ping which make the server i need a ping do u install a pingbooster
--ihav a 1gb ram,100mbps modem,3.20ghz...
im running on amxmodx. what should i do to reduce the lag on my server.plz help me guys..
On what priority are you running the server ?
ctrl + alt + del > proccesses (srcds.exe, hlds.exe) right click and see what priority its on. it should be Above normal or high. if it still lags .. try makin the game proccess(hl2.exe) low, but i dont think u need that on ur specs.
tnx u so much dude for the help im still checking if it works.are there any more tips u can give meBig Grin
for FPS ... go to ur Server's Console window, Drag the Cursor to the very beggining and u will see fps ###. that is limited with the fps_max cvar . type fps_max 500 in console .

To higher fps : run Internet Explorer with flash running in the background , or run MSN or use serverchecker( get it here)
wat is srcds.exe???
its either Counter Strike Source , or Half life ... which are u running ?? u said hlds .

ok to go to the proccess (after running the SERVER)
ctrl + alt + del >> look for it in applications
right click and select go to process
set priority on high.....

or again .. use server checker .. it makes things easy!
Use serverchecker for one...

then get a dedicated box and run your server as a service on it instead. This will reboot the server right away on crash and is much more stable.

Your lag is from playing on the same machine as the server is. That is for sure.
Servercheck keeps restarting my Server for no apparent reason !!

what should i do ?

guys gimme good numbers to put in .. startup time, timeout, pause !!! it keeps restarting ...

maybe it gets no reply from the server .. so it closes it and starts it again, which is very very bad!
Hey egg I think I know your problem

Server Checker Kept restarting my server once before to. I was simply taking my server to a lan and it kept rebooting! However I did notice one thing, if the IP to the server is WRONG then it will not work correctly. Dont know your Lan IP? Simply blank (delete all txt) in the IP line and hit "Update" The program will automatically fill it in with the correct IP. I would suggest setting your computer ot have a static IP so this does not happen again.
I do have a static IP and i am sure i have it + the port right. i'll try that ... but i think it has to do with startup time and timeout and pause... i gotta higher the values ! i did and it worked fine a bit then on map change it restarted it .. there should be an option to disable auto recovery, caue i'm only using serverchecker as a launcher and pingbooster.

I tried my best to leave the ip Blank but it just wont happen lol (Error Resolving host , invalid port !)
yea, you need a different box running the server. but you could just set all the times really high in server checker.
my server still lags..uhm how do i use a server checker wat is it?..and where can i get a dedicated box wat is it? a nub wit this kinds of stuff...plz i really need your help guys.?
Well Atom server checker is a program used for making sure if the server is still running or not, as it can crash from errors.

Sorry, but I dont have a link for you now, but I will post one soon or skeletor will beat me too it.

As with your lag, can you explain your set up in as much detail as possible.
lol egg had posted a li nk to server checker above.

or well.. i don't think thats the right link.. hmmm. well go here its the documentation anyways..

but really. if your server lags when you join, server checker i don't think will help much. other then make it easier to change the priority of the server. setting it to above normal may solve your lag, it has for many before. but as far as the pingbooster, that may actually make the lag worse, cuz it will use more cpu, which is whats makin it lag in the first place. you can give the server prioty a try, but i would imagine pingboosting will just worsin the problem, or atleast not help.
uhm i dont lag in my server ihav very low pings and i get like 100 fps...ithnk the problem is my internet connection maybe its too slow for running a server..can u giv me any tips how to boost my internet connection or give me server commands to reduce the the way i dlded server checker nad i need help on how to use it..i run my server on steam toolsBig Grin cuz thats the easiest way to setup a server..

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