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Installed SRCDS to a Dedicated Server...
Ok Finally made the jump from my machine to a rebuilt Win 2000 Server.

I have both the SRCDS.exe file and srcdsfpsboost.exe installed as system services, so incase of failure, crash, or system reboot the server will comeback online without admin logon.

So do you guys have any tips for the server? I have basic knowledge of Win 2000 Server platform and it seems the server is running very stable.

Please bring some of your buddies and test it out for playing on...

Thanks for your help and tips ahead of time!
Wow, what made you choose Win2000? I thought you were a linux guy......maybe I am confusing you with someone else. I will check it out tonight when I get off work.

tips =alot.

mods and alot of them.
im getting my serve up next week. 24/7 office dedicated and i got soo many mods its almost impossible to count. has alot of things.

i got beetles mod and mani admin on my server cause i like all the mani admin stuff but i like the beetles mod top15,there realistic admin slap and u can choose what the kick and ban messages are when you kick or ban someone. (Disconnected By User) so its up to you. ill come play. when i get around to it.

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@ Christy

No I am not a linux guy much, I am trying to learn it. Mainly the reason it is on a Win 2000 Platform is... I have it. Also I didnt have to go and find differnt distros for my plugins.

@ buIIet

I am not to sure what your post was going for? Perhaps it was for another thread?
lol bullit just wants you to cram so many mods on your server that it makes it unstable, hogs bandwidth and system resources Toungue

So ur Suggesting we run plain Servers now ?? O_o
no im not suggesting plain servers, just "having soo many plugins you lose count" is pointless, lol. its like you kill somone with a headshot and 5 different things are like "omg headshot!" lol. but the more plugins the more likely you will leak cpu, and memory, and have the server crash, and just the more likly it won't run smooth. so keep plugins simple. only run what you need. and plus it makes it easier when valve has an update that crashes all the plugins your not scrambling to 20 different sites trying to find them all again updated, lol.
I finally got a chance to check out server the other night.
I was only on for a few, but ran good, although I had a higher ping that I am used to around 180 I think, but I am in California.

Yup, im east coast But thanks for stoppin by!

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