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I am running 2 servers on a single Xeon 3Ghz, 1.5GB memory.
All ressources usage is low: CPU < 30%, RAM < 20%.

However, I experience warping issues. No loss, almost no choke, good ping. Just 1-2 seconds warps every minute or so, with sometimes the inventory showing while I run.

I tried:
- using other kernels (from stock kernels to recompiling, w/o SMP, w/o SMT, w/o irq balancing, different io schedulers, w/o preemption etc etc ....)
- disabling all other software on the box (mysql, apache, crontabs...)
- testing the bandwidth with iperf (udp)
- layer 2 (ethernet) monitoring
- net_showdrop 1

Nothing helped.

I do have a few packet losses, but nothing exceptionnal (same level of losses on other servers do not lead to that kind of warping).

I am still trying to figure if the problem comes from the box or the network. Any leads as to how to troubleshoot further, other than moving the box to another network?
It may help others: I tracked it down to faulty Ethernet cabling.

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