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How many player slots / games could this server host?
I'm just looking at getting a new server and I'm wondering what I need to get.

How many player slots (CS: S or DoD: S) would a setup like this:
AMD 3000+ Barton
1024MB RAM
Bandwidth: 1000GB
100Mbit Line

Thanks for your replies,
hmm.. i personally don't know very much at all about amd cpus, but i from what i have heard, i would have to guess all together like 60 slots, maybe more, maybe less lol.
If I were to take a guess, I'd say between 40 and 50 slots, depending on how often each server is full.

The bottleneck of your setup is the CPU.
Okay thank you for your replies. Big Grin

Would a Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz be any better?
im not sure on that either Toungue but i do know that on a 3 GHz i ran about 40 to 60 slots, and i never seen cpu reach over 40% at a map change, that was with HT. and that was with all the servers about full. although i would suspect that if 2 servers ever changed map at the same time that would cause for some higher cpu spikes.
skeletor Wrote:im not sure on that either Toungue
Yay, or well. Thanks for the reply.
One last question Big Grin:
Would linux run the server any better?
Linux Vs Windows, I dont think that there is a major cpu improvement...

Could we get a linux guru to prove this?
Hey man wasup here im not a linux guru but i ran a hlds on PClinuxOS for a few weeks, the only differences in the two was that linux in my opinion had quicker map changes, and start up times, but there is no GUI and linux didn't seem very good at managing my ram, when i run my server on xp i use around 250mb of ram when running on linux i would use like 600mb pretty big difference. Linux is easier to edit and control as long as you know how to install the hlds server.. PClinux is nice though because it acts as a live cd so you can just burn the download as an iso image and through here and reboot make sure your boot is set to the cdrom and you can go right from the live cd and check it all out and then it will partition your hard drive for you and install allowing you for a dual OS. Just my 2 cents on it all. I am back to XP becuase i like having all the software and shit out for it. OHHHH YA LINUX is very nice as far as running anti virus and anti spyware bulshit never had any thing like that. AND EVERYTHING IS FREE WITH PCLINUX..FREE is awsome
Yes free is good.

When going to Linux, just be prepared to learn a new OS Console and interface. I have both Linux and Windows at my place, and perhaps once Mac goes Intel, I will have Mac too!
yea, i remember hearing that linux handles bigger servers better, while smaller servers windows handles better. but that may be wrong on whoever said that.

and macs.. heh.. thats all i have to say, i dislike mac. oh well soon i want to get a linux machine just so i can learn it better, lol.

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