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Stats --> "users", what is this ?
hello !

when i've launched my dedicated server in command line,
i type <stats> and a lot of information appear.
and there's "users" with a number...

is it the counter of players have played on my server ?
so if i've 50, 50 players have played ?

thx for answer Wink
i think you have yourself confused with the status command.

The status command displayes current map, connected players, and the status of players (spawning (loading) active (connected and loaded)

yea.. i think he did mean the stats, cuz stats shows server fps, uptime, players conneted and stuff like that, and users.. hmm if i remember right alfred from the hlds mailing list said that is the number of connects since the last restart, which makes since, because i just did stats to one of my servers and the number of users is like 2515.

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