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mani admin help!!!!
ok so i think mani is eveil!!!!Big Grin but i still wanna use it can sum 1 walk me thru this setup i have source dedicated server and i can rcon (kiks ass) but i cant figure out how 2 setup maniSad i m a noob so explain it simplySmilealso i have noticed that my maplist.txt file is missing can u sho me hoew to add new maps??(ps can i make a new maplist.txt and just add the names of maps or do i have 2 setup sum mapfolder or sumthin??)
mani is simple, basically just upload it to the server directory, making sure the addons folder materials folder, sounds folder and cfg folder is all in the game directory, open up adminlist.txt and add your steam id as an admin at the very bottom of that file. and its basically done.

as far as the maplist, yes, just make one in notepad, as i have said twice.
Awesome help file style documentation right here!

post back if you are still having issues and I can help you as I run mani a lot
OK, I have Mani in and the server runs but where do I find a list of the commands ?

PS. Nice to see hear something from you Skeletor. Stp into the Pit again. Wizz and I got it up and running now.
you mean a list of commands for mani? or just in general? in general for the server you can type in cvarlist and it will list off all the cvars for the server, theres a ton.. for mani, you can type in ma_help and it will tell you all the cvars to use for mani.

and what about me?! im confused about the last part of your comment jp fog.. lol.

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