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username problem
ok, when i make my server on my downstairs computer using a different username, i cant join it on my upstairs gaming computer. It say steam account being used in another location, log in again to continue using steam. I enter my password again then the same message comes up again and again. anyone know how to help? please reply
Are you using the SRCDS, or the in-game counter strike server?? Steam does not allow 2 computers to simultanousely be logged into the steam application. If your looking for dedicated server help follow the easy directions off the tutorial section off this site. Hope this helps!
ive used both the srcds and the in game server version and both have given me the same message. I have a different steam name for the downstairs server but it still says that im logged in on it. I can join any other server just not my downstairs one.
yea thats cuz your trying to connect to the external ip, you have to connect through the lan tab. everyone else on the other side of your modem has to connect to the external ip address.
yea it gives me the same message when i try to connect external and lan...

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