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I can't really see my server.
i have some real big problem's, i have a wrt54g V5
linksys wireless router, i've tried DMZ to see if i can see my server on but i doesn't show up. i got static ip, DMZ, all kinds of forwardings that's prolly correct.i got these because in case that DMZ doesn't work and nothing seem's to work at all.

here is all of them
Start| End | Protocol | Ip address | Enable
27016-27016 TCP [X]
1200-1200 UDP [X]
27000-27015 UDP [X]
27020-27039 TCP [X]
27020-27020 UDP [X]
27015-27015 TCP [X]

on my firewall HL2Steam1 27015 TCP is enabled'
i also got a shortcut to srcds.exe
the target command prompt on that is"
C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -secure -ip -port 27015 -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 12 -autoupdate"

now i got so Confused that i can't go on because i don't know where i am really any more, i've tried everything, changing etc but it seem's like i won't work what ever i do. i've never got it running.

My Ip is:
but seriously i'm so confised right now that i don't know what to do at all, is there somthing i've missed ?. if i can get any help i would be most Greatful *Thanks*

ok, go to the tutorials section, and look for a post called tutorials: routers and ips explained written by me Big Grin and that will explain a little for you.

just to sum it up a little here though, you probly will not be able to specify the ip in the cmd line like that behind a router. and you being on the same lan you will have to connect to the lan ip.

also, take off -autoupdate if its on a windows machine, its a dead switch, and i have heard in the past of it causing problems.
Ok ill check these tips out Smile
hope it will work, why i'm so confused is that i've read all kind's of stuff and start to mix it all up to a big mess Big Grin
lol yea just kinda start blank, and read through the tutorial i wrote, i think i covered as much as needed. feel free to ask any specific questions though.

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