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Unknown Commands help
hay, sorry if these have been posted but the search doesnt work Sad

right i have a few unknown commands comming up from the server.cfg and the mani_admin.cfg

Unknown Command "mp_roundlimit" <<whats up with that one?

Unknown Command "sv_mapcycle" << i set it to 0 to trun it off :S

Couldn't exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg <<i haven't touched it

Unknown Command "mani_spawnpoints_mode"
Unknown Command "mani_spawnpoints_radius_limit"
Unknown Command "mani_spray_tag_block_mode"
Unknown Command "mani_spray_tag_block_message"
Unknown Command "mani_spray_tag_slap_damage"
Unknown Command "mani_admingravity_anonymous"

^^ haven't only touched any of those :S

please help

Ryan Edge
sv_mapcycle isn't a valid cvar lol. if you don't want a map cycle then just delete the file.

mp_roundlimit should be mp_maxrounds

the couldn't exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg is because the file isn't there, but thats alright you don't have to worry about it if you don't want the quake sounds. if you don't want to see that error go in to the mani_server.cfg file and use the find and search for exec mani_quake_sounds and then before exec add "//" so it would then look like "//exec"

all them other mani commands, it sounds like your using a config file from an older mani, or newer. is it the latest beta version of mani, or what version? i think i remember reading something about mani taking some of the cvars out, and changing them.
alright cheers Big Grin guess some of the stuff on google is crap lol

i honestly dont remember which ver i downloaded, i think it was latest stable ver tho
well where did you get it from? cuz the only place you should get mani from is

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