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Setting Up Content Server??
Hi, i read a very beief bit of text saying you could use a content server.

now i was hoping i could upload the new maps/sounds and anything else to my webserver and have it as a content server so players joining without the contect wont cause lagg on players in the game.

can anyone help? i have googled it but was unable to find anything usful.

i'm running CS:S server

Ryan edge
i am assuming you mean that when players connect they download the custom content off the webserver instead of the gameserver, and to do that, you will need to use something called sv_downloadurl, you have to set that cvar, zealot wrote a tutorial on how to set that up, as well as how to bzip the bsp files, that makes downloads even faster, and saves on space and bandwidth. you can find that tutorial here
Thank you!!

thats exactly what i wanted

Ryan Edge
np, feel free to post if you have any more questions.
*sigh* well i set it up and uploaded all the files, took some time.

now my servers gone pooey Sad

whenever i or another player trys to join the server it will load until the "sending client info" part then the server closes its self :S

i have changed the server.cfg back but this did nothing, i turned it off and still no good....

any ideas? maybe the wrong place to be asking

Ryan Edge

P.S i'm running a windows server incase i didnt mention it

EDIT: okay forget it, it was the ZH pluging killing it :S
lol yea the zh plugin i hear is good for killin servers.

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