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mode mani or create new admin plugin
dont know how to do it and i dont plan on learning so does anyone know how to mod mani admin so that instead of saying Kicked,Reason:You Were Kicked By says Disconnected By User?

or can someone create a new admin mod with all the mani stuff and the top15,10,5 thing from beetles mod and the beetles mod slap?

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if you want it to say they were disconnected by user, just type in "ma_Cexec pname exit" and it will act as if they typed exit in console, which will shut off there game Wink.. thats with mani. and i personally don't know how to make or mod your own plugins, and thats a pretty steap request. there not that easy to make. or atleast make and have them be stable.
using mani...


34 OMFG_TEHNOOB! STEAM ID IP and so on...

ma_cexec 34 disconnect

OMFG_TEHNOOB! Left (Disconnect by user)

ma_cexec is simply the server RUNNING any console command on the players machine. You can do some pretty interesting stuff with it, or bad stuff (exit, rebinding controls... and more)

yea with ma_Cexec you can do anything to another player with ma_cexec, just be nice! a player may be a noob, but that doesn't mean you have to completly screw over there css..
hahahahha i though those commands were only for beetles mod lol thanks.

i got some pr***s in my server that (sorry to say) are makin me mad.

im glad i can make them run in place lol

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BAN?!?@$?% It works!

banid 0 STEAM_0:0:xxxxxx
permanent ban = no more pr***s
eh, the ban system hasn't worked right, for like... ever. lol. i will ban a couple people, and happen to look at the file a week later, and there all gone. i don't know why, its not worth lookin into though. especially them little kids that come in and are hacking.. especially with speed hacks, its fun to make them not be able to move at all, or extremely slow. there like wtf!, and im like hehehe, idiot.

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