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Internet Connection Question?
Right now i have road runner cable and it said 5mb down?? What does that mean? And what is the upstreams and the difference. Also me and a few buddy's wanna split the cost of a T3 line in our house, about 2k a month 5 ways, so 400 bucks for the T3 line. Should I do it, it sounds good but is there any big difference that will help my server out with that. Please help me thanks!
yea, wow i wish i could have a t3 connection.. well a true t3 anyways. lol. but if you just want it for one game server, it would be pointless, but if your like me and run webservers, email servers, and would like to run more game servers, then it might be plausable. what connection rate is this t3 supposed to be?

and the difference between down and up, is down is when you download something, its the fastest part of the connection usually. upstream is usually a lot slower, and is really the only thing that matters when running a server.

it may be cheaper (and more stable) to co-locate your servers in a datacenter. datacenters will usually offer better ping times, plus you won't have to worry about power outages, lol. although true t3 would rule. but 2k is pretty high, where is this from?
The T3 line is from SBC, not sure what the upload is, but i know the download rate is 44.5 mb/sec. It's $1,899.99 a month plus a $700.00 installation fee. I plan to run a 32 player assault and a 32 player office server on my computer, and my buddy who has a few dell poweredge servers plans to run at least 10 32 player servers and rent them out and maybe even a few mega 64's. Not sure yet, but I know his servers rule, they have a lot of power.
hmm.. that seems it may be to much even if the 44.5 was up and down. you might look into getting like oc3 or something if you really want that much. oc3 i think is like 144mbps, or like burstable t3 that may work to. i was searching around a little and found this site, you may look into that, they offer tons of different things, so maybe see what kind of price they offer. just say its for a company lol, otherwise the only thing they offer is dsl.

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