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Please help with sound downloads from a mirror
I just establsihed a mirror with that allows up to 50mb per account and unlimited uploads/downloads.

I already had these 5 wav files on the server through mani and I know they work, however, when i host them now with my mirror, it says it downloads at the opening page but I am unable to play them in-game.

I put this in my server.cfg

//Downloadurl CVARS
sv_downloadurl "my mirror adress"
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

I read something about a .res file in the tutorial sticky part??? i just upload .wav files to the mirror and i don't know anyting about a .res file(s). Any help would be great for I'm unable to play the sounds & i'm a noob at this but i'm really trying hard to learn.
Theres no way that savefile will work as a mirror for svdownloadurl hosting

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- No, we disabled the possibility to hotlink files.

thats takin from the sites FAQ... that means it wont work.. lol. im affraid your going to have to actually pay for webhosting im affraid, unless your isp provides you with a small amount of space like zealot likes to talk about with his insightbb, lol.
Hey! Insightbb makes a great sv_downloadurl location!


Always up, no visitors (cuz I have posted HTML pages Cool ) and hasnt failed me yet!

However, usually you will have to get webspace, unless your ISP provides some "personal web pages" you may have to purchase a server.

Keep in mind you wouldnt have to even get a domain, assuming that the server had a static IP you could use its ip address instead.

like that
yea but domains are cheap.. i mean you can get one through yahoo for like 4 dollars a year. and some webhosts will get you a domain even cheaper if you get webspace through them for a certain time period in advance.

just don't EVER get canaca.. lol. bah, bigest waist of time ever. they give you tons of space, pretty cheap with tons of bandwidth, i have it for a month and they just canceled it (i had payed a year in advace) and they said that my website used over 10% of there system resources, with 1 html page, and about a gig of maps sounds and stuff.. but i got all of my money back from them after a huge debate. long story short, if you get webspace, cheaper isn't always better lol.
Some GSP have a "distro" portion of their site, which allows all users to share the sv_downloadurl. So I would also look for GSP's offering that.
DarkZealot89 Wrote:Some GSP have a "distro" portion of their site, which allows all users to share the sv_downloadurl. So I would also look for GSP's offering that.

What is distro? I'm confused and can't i just do one of these 5 dollar a month website deals for my hosting, i'm only mirroring 5 songs, quake sounds, and a few wav files for now.
yea, they could work, just don't believe it if they say you will get tons and tons of bandwidth with tons of space for like 5 dollars a month.. i would be kinda leary on it though. some of them are such scams.

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