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My Friends can't go on ....
I've had a srcds for about 1 month now , and it used to function , people could play on , and I instaled some plugins (mani-admin , metamod + css:dm) . But the last wednesday , I want to play with friends like every day on , but they can sudenly not go on : "the server is down" . I'm the only who can go on , but nobody other can go on ........... Sad , and it used to function , I don't understand , and I've done NOTHING for that ...
Can somebody help me to get it up on other computers that the mine ? Thanks for helping me .

I looked at other topics , but I don't understand with the "router" and other things .............

PS : Sorry if i make any faults , I'm french ^^.
For any questions about my server , ask ! ^^
The first thing I would check is to see is if the ports are still forwarded.
alright, well first, if you have a dynamic ip, make sure there still trying to connect to the right ip. do you have a router?

but what i think happened it simple, you have a dynamic ip address, and randomly your ip can change, you would still be able to connect through the lan tab, but to everyone else that has it in there favorites, will have to update the ip address.
no it's not that , the ip is still the name , it doesn't change ...
the ip :

I don't know what's a router =( , explain me
I've just downloaded source dedicated server from steam .
well that probly isn't the external ip, and judging by that ip, you have a router, soo go to and see what that image says your ip is. and post here what it says. Wink
ok I'll try , but I've always given my internal ip (in the menu of srcds) to my friends , and it functioned , but now I've already tried to give my internal ip and my external ip (that I took on ) , but nothing ............ so I'll try your solution =) and post if it functions
I don't arrive to go on this website , and I tried with , does still not function ...
what is does the it say your ip is on

and then ips are the common url's to acces a linksys (brand) router, i know some routers are like, but if it worked before, then router config shouldn't be the issue.

and a router is something that takes the internet connection from your dsl or cable modem and splits it usually 4 or 5 ways. allowing you to plug multiple computers into one internet connection. although, i have noticed a lot of isp's are combining there modem and router together, (which is a pain in the butt) so basically if your modem has ethernet jacks for multiple computers, then its more then likely a router as well.
Yea now i've 2 computers what can be connected to internet , but i think I've not a router .
What can it be if I've not a router ? What have I to do ? Thanks for helping me
i am 99.9% positive you have a router Toungue look on the little box that your computers internet cords plug into, what is the brand and model on it.
i've a firewall , so I don't think I've a router , and I'm sure it comes from the firewall ....
all a firewall does is block certain connections, and thats on the computer, on my network i have a total of 6 firewalls, 2 routers, and 1 switch. a router has something like a firewall, and sometimes they will call it a firewall (which in a way it is) but either way. i bet you have a router of some sort Wink

just tell me what it says your ip is on and then ill tell you if you have a router or not Wink

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