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Still problems with IP and finding server
hey guys iv read through ur tutorial skeletor but still not working. Im behind a netgear router wpn824 and connected wirelessly. I have srcds and can run it and join it with my internal ip but me or anyone else cant with the external ip. sv_lan is at 0 and still nothing. Please could use some help, searched read and still havent sloved it. Thanks
Try to update ur firmware ...
Take a look here :
it helped other people...
yes, try updating your firmare like voicu said, also make sure you have the ports forwarded, and it should work.
new old firmware dosent do anything. God im lost lol. ty. Tried useing the DMZ but still didnt work idk help.
I dont know if this well help but...on my router the forwarding wouldnt work unless I had the ports forwarded in the modem for the IP of the router. Then I had to forward the ports in my router for the IP of the comp i was using to host the server. Hope that makes sense.
so you had to forward the ports to the router itself?! then to the computer, hmmm. thats od. so basically if you go to the ip forward the ports to that (or whatever the ip of your router is) and then forward the ports to the lan ip of the computer running the server. i haven't heard that one yet, but its worth a shot.

to pope- have you forwarded your ports? is the server running now? and what is your external ip?
yes i have forwarded the ports the server is running at suposidly external ip at port 27014. Tried the forward to the router also but it comes up that there is a port conflict.
yea, i think most routers won't allow you to forward a port to itself, but worth a try i guess if it helpd somone else.

but i just checked the server and its not up right now.. hmm.. are you sure you have them forwarded to the right internal ip (double check to make sure the internal ip didn't change)? is the server on the same computer you play on?
server is alwasy running but yes sometimes i do play on it. As for the interal ip it's static and set right. And im still clueless on whats no happining right.
so you do play on the same computer as the server is running on? alright, then have you opened up the ports on the computers firewall?
I have just had reinstall xp before this and have not setup a firewall of my own and have disabled xp's fire wall. Ill see if there are any passive firewalls on the router. Yes i do play on the server off of my own network tough, just for some troble shooting how do i copy the serves log of booting up without have to recreate it. Im trying to but dont have the time(work) but can i save it all somewere or what?
what do you mean copy the servers log of booting up? do you mean like a minidump of the server booting? why would you need that?
nevermind about the log. any other ideas about what to do
well really.. as long as sv_lan is set to 0, and the ports are open in the firewall, and the ports are forwarded on the router then it should work. just double check all your ports that are forwarded on the router and it should work. hopefully. lol.
thanks ill try tweaking some things.

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