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problems with log files
Hey there..

I have the following set in all my servers:

log on
sv_log_onefile 1
sv_logfile 1
sv_logecho 0
sv_logbans 1

However it seems that the logfiles just get to a certain point and stop for no particular reason.. For example:

L 02/08/2006 - 20:35:50: "●[ŝF]● BrOwNiE<30><STEAM_0:1:3001512><CT>" attacked "<< milk<25><STEAM_0:0:489533><TERRORIST>" with "awp" (damage "108") (damage_armor "1") (health "0") (armor "98") (h

Any ideas ??
thats od, is the server crashing? cuz it would do that if it was in the middle of writting the log and it crashed. ill try to look through some of my logs to see if its happening to me, it may just be a bug with the server, but i don't think so cuz i think it would screw up my psychostats, lol. although i use statsmeminimum so my logs look differnt anyways.
yeah, no the server isn't crashing at all, the logs just stop dead.

I'm using statsmeminimum as well.
well i just checked a handfull of my logs, and there all fine.. ending with "log file closed" soo.. were you trying to open the last one? because thats being written to as the server runs. or are all the log files like that?

orr you have it set to log on 1 file.. so thats probly it, cuz its being written to, and since theres only 1 file, it will almost never be properly closed, since its always logging to it. i don't have sv_log_onefile set to 1, that might be it.
yeah I have that set - my settings are in the first post of this thread.

But I shut the server down and restart it before i look at the old log files, so they arn't beingwritten to.
well.. hmm. then im not sure. i haven't ever seen it. it may be something with sv_log_onefile though. I haven't ever ran with it set like that.

man i haven't been able to help you very much.. lol.
This one isn't a linux issue Smile

The problem with NOT having onelogfile is that the server creates a new file every map and I end up with hundreds of log files, it's a pain. The problem doesn't appear to happen with onelogfile turned off - perhaps it's a bug ?? Gets to a certain point of the logfile (in size) and dies..

Any chance you can turn this option on and see if you have the same problem??
ill just set up a lan dedicated server on my pc, put like 10 bots in it with log one file set to 1, and see what becomes of the log, lol.
well all day today i have had a css server running on my computer, internet but with a password, and with 10 bots in, (surprisingly it hasn't touchd my cpu usage all day, lol) anyways, i have 1 log file, thats almost 1mb big, and its complete. its only been on 1 map the whole time, must of made for a boring game for the bots, lol.

and i just changed map, and shut the server down with exit in console, and the log file ended just as it should.. so i don't know.

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