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HLDS Bad FPS and bad ping
Hi, I know this is probably not the best place to post for HLDS but there is no other forum like this.

I just put up a FreeBsd 5.4 box at a colocation with an OC48 conneciton.

I am running HLDS just fine, but I notice that the FPS is capped at 49.00~50.01 1 and it gives bad ping to some people. It is very random. I get 40 ping, and my neighbor gets 300 on the same server.

I have heard about increasing/updateing the Kernel to 1000mhz to help out the FPS thing, but no where can I find directions to do this.

I have ./hlds_run -game cstrike ... +sys_ticrate 250 -pingboost 2

Does anyone have any suggestions for me about the FPS and bad ping for some?
What specs are the system? I really do recommend against using FreeBSD as you have to emulate linux to run hlds/srcds. however to increase the kernel, you need to edit your kernel file and rebuild it i belive. If you know FreeBSD then you should know how to do this.
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