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I am just wondering if it is posible to run the srcds.exe as a Perl script from my webhost... Would be neat to have a server there running on perl..
you want to run it on a webserver? from a webhosting company, for one, thats probly forbidden, cuz a game server will use more then 10% computer resources, and most webhost companys will shut down your webspace for doing that.

aside from that though, i guess it might be possible, but someone would have to be very advaced in perl to do so. or as far as just starting a server, and stoping a server though, theres some online tools out there that can do that, i just can't think of any right now. lol.
Vel I gues I have to start writing then, I was only hoping that I did'nt have toToungue And I want to run the server in Pear is that then I can run it from the connection to my main server...

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