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Ftp problems for the new guy
Hi guys i am new round, nice to see you all btw (although obviously i cant). Anyway I am new to source dedicated server i can set it up easily and everyone can get onto it fine. However i am wanting to know how to link my ftp server to my source dedicated server so i can get ftp access to the server. Any help would be much appreciated cheers lads and if there are any ladies....

alright, so you want to set up a ftp server, to have ftp access to your game server right? so first off, do you have a ftp server? and if you do, what is it? cuz theres tons of differen't ftp servers, and there all very different
Hi and thanks for repling Rolleyes I do have an ftp server its called "cerberus ftp server".


thats what i use, and its pretty simple to use, all you have to do is install it, and set up user accounts and set there root folder. there isn't much to configure. although if the server is behind a router you will have to open more ports for it to work.
what should i put the root folder as ??
well if you just want to allow access to the game server itself just whatever folder you have the server in.
so should I put the link to source dedicated server? lol this is the bit i have problems with... Sad
i mean really it doesn't matter, cuz if your just putting this for yourself to access it.. unless your wanting to try so host sv_downloadurl through it or something. but if you just want access, it doesn't really matter, just whatever you want access to.. cuz with the root as the source dedicated server folder you will have access to the whole server.
lol this is like an x-fire convo Toungue right basically i want to put mani admin onto the server via ftp or sumat so would i need sumat special.
lol.. but no you don't need anything special, just when you upload mani make sure the mani folders get put in the right spot.
lol....erm wheres the right spot or a site that tells me where i can find the right spot lol Smile....cheers for your help tho mate btw
well basically, everything thats in the cstrike folder in mani, needs to go in the cstrike folder on the server.

you should get the thing saying pop up thing saying that this folder already exsists, blah blah blah, click yes to all.

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