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zombie horde plugin has killed server
hi i just installed scrds and it worked perfectly. then i put the zombie horde mod on and now when i try to join the server it crashes!! theres a few error commands coming up:-

czhplugin: :levelshutdown
couldent executed banned_user.cfg
couldent execute banned_ip.cfg
error:material "sprites/bubble" :proxy "animatedtexture" not found

if i try to join i get three quaters of the way across the loading bar then the server crashes

any help would be greatly appreciated thx alot guys
zh plugin is like known for killing servers, lol. i used it for a bit and experienced tons more crashes then normal. but really i don't know much about it, my best guess is if zh has forums? there coders would know best, cuz obviously its something with there plugin.

I know this probly isn't much help, but its about the best i'm gonna be able to do.

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