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Server Help!!! I would greatly appreciate it Thank YOU :)
Here is a Short Story, Major props and a big thank you whoever can help me out. Thank you so much!!!

Hello, for my SRCDS dedicated server I am running a 3.4 ghz pentium 4 HT, 1 WD RAPTOR HD, 2 GIG'S DUAL CHANNEL CORSAIR RAM, A GIGABYTE SLI MOBO, AND A NVIDIA 7800 GT OC.

Now for the Operating System, I have standard windows Xp (home) and the only programs are the SRCDS, and firefox and basic stuff, so the desktop is clean of files. I am running a rr cable and the port of the server is on the standard 27015. I am running only 1 32 CSS player server on this machine, and I am confident this machine is powerful enough for this. IDK???

Anyway, cut to the chase, I installed SRCDS, attached a shortcut to it, and installed the Mani Admin w/ some quake sounds (that finally work.)

The server says it's 33 tick, idk how to adjust it? But it doesn't really lag, and I tried with 14 people playing, because i put the processor on realtime for the application. Is a higher tick better?

So anyway we started to get ranked (after 25 kills on default mani settings) and the rank and statsme worked and all, but when I restarted my computer (server is on) and we logged back into the game, the stats were gone???

My main question is how do save those stats, and how do I create backup files and backup logs on the server. I'm just using the standard SRCDS server launcher, so i'm very unframilar with how this works. And how do i do server restarts correctly without exiting the application and re-loading SRCDS?

Basically i want to have back up files and to be able to transfer these files to have them work if say I get a new computer but I still want to retain everything (stats for the server)

And my final question is I loaded a few sounds.mp3 to mani and a few songs, however, when someone trys to join the server (including myself) it takes no lie about 3-8 minutes just to load into the server cause it's downloading the mp3's. How do I make it faster? Nobody's gonna play my server after sitting more than a minute at the loading screen. Thank you so much for anyone who replies and helps me out.

-Nick Shane (A pro gaming server "wannabe")
alright, well starting with the bottom of your post, then going straight to the top, the long downloads, it happens, the only way to change it is to get webspace, and have the maps a materials and sounds to download from there, theres a tutorial on that in the tutorial section, its call sv_downloadurl howto, written by darkzealot.

now to the top, 32 player server heh? im sure the computer itself could hold more then that, fairly beafy computer, although the video card if kind of pointless and a waste of money.. (ill take it.. hehe) but i don't think your internet would handle that. about average for cable internet i would say is maybe 16 players max, even that is pushing it for most cable connetions (thats strictly what i hear, i have also heard cable can be horrible to run servers on cuz they have bandwidth caps).

now with the stats, as far as i know the mani stats should be saved every round by default. you might want to make sure that you have "exec mani_server.cfg" in your server.cfg. that may have something to do with it. but really, i always found them ranks not to be too accurate, thats why i moved to psychostats myself. but srcds server should be closed with the command exit in console, and you can while in game with "rcon exit" or though mani with "ma_rcon exit". as far as server restarts. i use a program calld server checker to load the server, and restart it in the event of a crash, (or if i rcon exit it, so it will restart) and it works rather nicely.

oh, missed something a lil higher up, to change the tick of a server, you add to the startline -tickrate 66 in the tutorials section i believe theres something there called advanced tickrate written by whisper, it kinda explains all of that.

well i think thats everything.. good luck! and please post if you have any other questions.

Server Checker
my stats site to see psychostats in action
rcon restart or restart in console should work fine IIRC. and as far as the cable thing goes, if i were to host a server i could probably do about 16-20 on mine =]
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yeaa, but 32.. lol.. and i guess im just in a bad place for good internet, if i moved like 2 hours north i could get 10mb connection both ways fairly cheap. but here 5 mb both ways i found would cost me about $200 a month at a couple places i talkd to.
wow, i pay $55/mo for 15 down 2 up
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
bah.. internet companies around here suck. 2 up would be awesome..

unless im just missing something.. lol.
The biggest bottleneck in max players on the server is the upside!
You need to check not what you are getting on the download side, but what the upside is getting. ALOT of cable connections are bad not because of the cap, but because while you are getting 5 or even 8 MB/s on the download rate, it only runs about 256-512K on the upload side!!!!
yea, almost all of the server bandwidth is upload. there is very little download, the only thing on download is when clients join with custom sprays.

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