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is "" a valid sv_downloadurl?
According to this thread, it would appear so.

By the way, you might want to edit your message to get rid of your username/password for the FTP...
according to that though, make another account that can only download that doesn't require a password, or you could also just enable annoymous downloads, and you don't need a username at all.
I didn't notice that, thanks.

The problem he might have with enabling anon downloads, or no password, is it appears to be webspace his ISP is giving him (re:""). I'm not sure about how BellSouth has their personal webspace setup, but mine is tied directly to my account with my ISP (username/password is the same). Wouldn't be a smart idea to have no password for your DSL account Wink. They likely also don't give an option for "anon downloads".
yea yea.. guess im just used to runin my own ftp servers, lol.

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