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Hey everyone, is there anyone who can make me a sweet as hell Map Advert for mani mod, if i gave them like some graphix to work with? I have been trying to make one for a while but i suck at it lol and i dont really know that much about it.

Also any help in this area would be greatly appreciated ^_^

[Image: a.jpg]
if u can tell me what it is and what kind of coding it uses i might. i know some html and php and mysql and perl.

[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]
you mean just making the images themselves? if you want to pm or email me some graphics ill mess around with it a lil later when i need a break of designing a 3d model of the house im going to build in sketchup.. lol.

my email address is -

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