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Steam Logged in another location?
I'm so sorry if this has already been a resolved issue, but I can't search right now. I just got my steam sDS up for hl2dm and i'm running it without problems, others can join and see it. My problem is the fact that when I try to join my own game it tells me that my steam account is logged into another location and prompts me to enter my password, yet I have no problems joining other servers.this is what the console looks like:

Client BRUXXUS connected (
Dropped BRUXXUS from server
Reason: This Steam account is being used in another location

Got any idea?

i had that same problem. in my situation it was because i typed in my router ip instead of my PC's internal ip. dont know if itll help but that was how it came about for me. i know skeletor or dark will review this and if im wrong they will correct me so either way itll get resolved, they are very intelligible when it comes to SRCDS.
Are you useing that steam id for the server, like are you useing the dedicated server thing in steam with your account?
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yeah if you using the steam account u use to run the server then you cant join unless you use a differnet account. so just make a new account that already has the dedicated server and run it through there.(i have a feeling that wasnt your problem ) if it wasnt then is was the problem with the ips. if the server is running on the same ip as the server, steam thinks you already playing in the game so it asks u to log in to drop the other player but since its a server not a player,it drops u. so try and get a hub to spllit the connections so u have different ips.
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your problem is that you have to connect to the servers lan ip, so double click it on the lan tab... and servers don't have steam ids, you can use the same logon for a server, and client... just to clear that up. where with a stand alone server you don't need a logon at all anymore.

I have the same problem and i try to join my serv with the Lan tab but it doesn't match

Does i do something special to run srcds in lan mod, to it does'nt regards to steam id ?

what do you mean it doesn't match? do you just want a lan server? or a internet and lan server? if you just want a lan server, then you can set sv_lan to 1. but a internet and lan server then you will have to set sv_lan to 0 and then you would always have to join through the lan tab using the lan ip, and everyone else outside your local network would have to connect using the external ip.
I also have this problem.

- I'm not hosting the server using any steam account.
- People from the internet can join.
- The server is hosted on another machine on the lan.
- I get this problem when typing connect <lan ip> and when joining through the lan server browser.
- sv_lan makes no difference.
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