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Help Please!!! Can't Install Mani and server isnt' working
i'm a total noob I have no idea waht i'm doing, I can get the srcds to run in GUI mode and i downloaded the mani zip pack, however, I have spent no lie 10 hours going over the mani directions and the forums and i can't figure this stuff out. and the gui mode i set the starting money at 10k but when i exit the server and come back in it goes back to 800 bucks wth????? please help and i'm willing to pay you for your time. i need a good guide.
hmm.. i almost didn't see this post, don't know why it said it wasn't new.. but anyways.

to install mani all you have to do is exctract the files into the server directory, make sure that the addons folder of mani is in the cstrike (or whatever the game is) folder. and make sure the mani_server.cfg file is in the cfg folder, and the mani_Admin_plugin folder is in the cfg folder as well. make sure of all that, and mani should work just fine. also, for the start money you need to make a server.cfg file. i have made someting to make it, I haven't made one for dod:s yet though, but for css and hl2dm its there, go to
And within the server.cfg you need....

exec mani_server.cfg

otherwise your settings will not apply!
heh. it says that on the congig maker if people read what it outputs in the end.. lol.
thx guys i got it figured out and i guess you can't execute mani in the gui mode. I have to type for example: target in my scrds shortcut

C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map cs_office +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

It works when I add this to the shortcut, however, the gui mode doesn't open mani. But i got the mani admin stuff to work on my css server,so ty again guys.
just a little thing, on a windows box take out the autoupdate, its a dead command, and i have heard in the past of it causing problems.

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