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I just got my server up and running great. Im so glad that i got it to work, but could someone please explain how to install mani admin plugin on my server? Thank you!
by the way, ive allready been to the site and im such a newb that i dont know how to install it on my srcds
#3 read the documentation for mani... thats about the best anyone can tell you. its pretty simple. basically you just upload the plugin to the server, and add yourself as admin. and add "exec mani_server.cfg" to your server.cfg file.
Insure you have your steamid. Then edit the mani_server.cfg to your liking. From there it should be straight foward
i dont understand do u meen copy the info from mani_server.cfg then paste it into the server file?
yeah...xtract the download from the mani site...xtract them like to ur deskptop...then copy them..and paste them over the fiels on your srcds. umm if ur using the latest versions youll have 4 folders to copy and paste...forgot the names i think its cfg-sound-materials -addons... then just get ur steam ID ... will look something like this STEAM:0:02213212 somethin like that..and add urself as admin
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