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Help! Plz srcds ! ! !
I need bsc help from someone more familiar with srcds...
1. where do mapcycle.txt/maplist.txt go? I am putting them in my C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg folder now but they do not affect or show in the steam gui for hlds.

2. why does the configure panel not work at all or is it just me?

3. Also when I click on the map drop-down to changemap from GUI no list populates???

Is it just me or is all of the valve stuff half-assed or do they expect to provide software and then you have to be a CS engineer no pun intended to figure this stuff out and put it all together?

Have not found a whole lot of helpful info re CSS yet online at all...

THX...actually if anyone can find a comprehensive to setting up tweaking a good css server point me in that direction...still looking... well no feedback yet so let's play: - BuzZ's Ottawa CS Source Server
1. cstrike/ folder

The rest are for Win srcds and I havent ran a Win source server yet.

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