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srcds cron/boot startup?
I wanted to be able to at least restart the srcds, if not the entire system, every day to keep the memory usage down. I have no problems shutting it down, but automating the startup is proving to be a pain in the ass. I have tried using both crontabs and startup scripts, but the problem I have is that they start in a different directory than the srcds is located, so when it tries to load the binaries it won't load. Is there a way I can specify via the startup command what the loading directory should be?
How is your cron setup? post it in here and i'll help you from there.
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I use fcron on Gentoo linux 2005.1. I was trying to use the screen startup script, but it would always fail. Then I tried taking out screen and just doing regular server, and it also failed. After lookinga t the logs, it became apparent that since the cron was starting in a different location, not the srcds folder, it wasn't finding the necessary binaries and folders needed to start the server. That's why I need to tell the script to start in a certain directory.
It would be REALLY cool if you could not only start the processes on boot, but also auotmatically bind each srcds process to a seperate processor.

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Try making a new script, which will "cd" to your srcds directory, then run srcds_run.

It would be something like this:

Quote:cd /your/directory/here/
./srcds_run -game whatever +blah +blah

So in your cron you would run your new script, not "srcds_run".
I could have SWORN I had tried that at one point.... lol. Oh well, thanks for the help Smile It worked :p

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