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Hey guys,
Im a total newb to this server stuff. I have a DI-624 dlink router, and i just downloaded everything in cmd. I am not sure wich ports to open and stuff for my router in order to have an internet server. Right now i have opened no ports and it says this in the dedicated source server consle
Error: Material "halflife/+0~fifties_lgt2" : proxy "ToggleTexture" not found!
Error: Material "halflife/+a~fifties_lgt2" : proxy "ToggleTexture" not found!
Executing dedicated server config file
Summary: 283 resources total 13.41 Mb, 5.00 % of capacity
couldn't exec server.cfg
If someone could please help me that would be GREAT. thx.
alright.. first off you need to forward the ports on your router..

and you might have problems with the d-link router, i made a tutorial on how to set up the router, and explaining how the ip works and everything read that here and theres also maybe a fix posted at the bottom for the router, slightly different router, but hopefully the same enough to still work.

them materials are probly just a flaw in steam, you could try re-running the update tool with the flag "-verify_all" in the cmd line and see if it missed anything. but if it doesn't effect the game i wouldn't worry about it.

and for the server.cfg file. you need to make one, i made an online creator thing, its kinda still in the making, but it should have full functionality, you can find it at currently i only have it for hl2dm and css though.
go to and u can forward any router
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killaAlienz Wrote:go to and u can forward any router

I basically told him to do that as well. it is in my tutorial, that is a very awesome site for people who don't know there routers.

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