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Lag Problems
Alright im running

Intel Pentitum 4 2.80GHZ
Cogeco HighSpeed Internet 5mbit
D-link 704p REV -V3

My Router ports are forwarded to 27015 private ip is and i get it running and everything but once i join it starts lagging like crazy i exit all of my other internet programs ( Xfire Teamspeak ventrilo) and it still lags once i join can anyone help

I'm useing the one on steam tools source dedicated servers.

Im Running the server and trying to play on the same computer if that is the problem.
I would recomend that you do not use the steam tools server as that is a resource hog to start. The best method is to download the hldsudpatetool and download a server that way. From there you should set it up to run in console mode.

then once you do that post your rate config so we can see if those are causing issues too.
oh uhh 100mbps or something like that so....768k or something like that
well i would first say, if it doesn't lag until you join, on the same computer, then your computer doesn't like doing both of them, you could try setting the server at a higher prioty level in task manager. but if that doesn't cure the problem, then i would say about the only way to fix it is to run the server on a differen't computer. you could try some optimizations on the computer itself, but really thats a lot for one computer to do at once and is not recommended.
alright i tried something else i downloaded the Half life 2 server from that lagfree server thing currently its installing after its done should it just start workin or do i have to put more commands in it
Nvm..^^ above post

What Skeletor told me to do worked how do i get mani_admin_plugin to work on my server now?
#7 go there and download it, view the documentation on the site, it will tell you how to install and set it up.

just noticed theres was a new beta version.. if your new to mani, you should probly stay away from that.. go down more for the most current actual release..
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