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Updating server
I need to update my srcds server to v25, so I have to ask if the usual CSS patches works for this server too? And if they dont, where can I get a patches to update my server with?

deamn, i just realized i have a v26 version, so how can I downgrade it to v25?
#2 can't downgrade. and please don't post the same thing on 2 different subjects.

but upgrade the server by re-running the hldsupdatetool, and the client will have to be up to date as well.
well I made it possible to connect, but then I needed to downgrade, when i succesfully updated my css, i didn't need to downgrade server anymore, it was the reason of those two stupid posts, but now I have a problem with VAC. it enables itself, but I want to disable it. How can I disable it? command sv_secure 0 just doesnt work. if i set sv_lan 1, it disables VAC, but i want these both things to work together - sv_lan 0 and disabled VAC
add -insecure to the startup line.
Thanks, but I have another question. Sometimes I need to launch deafult CSS server. The one who comes with game, but where do i need to put insecure then?
thats probably when u do sv_secure 0 in console when you start the server or add mani_admin to you steamapps folder and add it to you autoexec.cfg.

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you mean the gui mode that is in the steam client? theres a check box i believe that you unselect to insecure the server.

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