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[hl2dm] VAC always disabled (RESOLVED)

i've made my dedicated server of half life 2 dm.
on win2003 server, is a domain controller, no firewall.

i've made a new install of srcds.exe, no problems.
players can play on my server, behind my modem-router.

modem-router ports forwards config :
27000 to 27020 UDP --> local IP 192.168.x.x (IP of my server)
27020 to 27039 TCP --> local IP 192.168.x.x (IP of my server)
27015 TCP --> local IP 192.168.x.x (IP of my server)

my problem :
VAC secure mode disabled
this is 1 month it's the same problem, launched a lot but nothing more.

other question :
is it normal, when i double-click on srcds.exe, nothing happened, no process in taskmanager... is there a problem with win2003 ? but it works fine in command line.

my launcher.bat :
srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_overwatch -maxplayers 8 -autoupdate
my updater.bat :
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir <directory> -verify_all -username <my_steam_account> -password <my_steam_password>

there's in dos window,
Adding master server
Adding master server
Could not establish connection to Steam servers.
VAC secure mode disabled
i've test a ping on first server, impossible to join network, and time exeeded.
ping on second server, time 200ms Smile
i've test open ports on first server, nothing, it can be protected against port scan...
another ports scan on second, i don't see 27011 open...
i've test the -secure on the .bat command line, nothing better
same with sv_secure 1 on the server.cfg


is there a way to force this VAC to be enabled ?
is it my modem-router forwarded ports ?
or win2003 ?

thanx for all your answers !
valve was having tons of problems with vac, I don't know if they ever got around to fixing it. vac is secure by default, so really you shouldn't have to do anything to make it secure, the best i have heard on the hlds list is to restart the server (multiple times in some cases). i know thats junk (and there were tons of people flaming the hldslist because of it) but thats the best i know.

and for your other question, yes it is normal that you can't just double click srcds.exe, atleast the game has to be specified in gui mode. if you add -game hl2mp to the target it would work.

and on a small note, you don't have to specify your username and password anymore to download server files, and another thing, autoupdate is NOT a valid windows switch. it doesn't do anything at all.
ok thankx!
excellent answer Smile
that's right, i've seen many people become crazy for this VAC, but they can use this option after a lot of reboot. for me, it's more than one month ago VAC disabled. Arf...
it should be a Valve bug, if they give us a soft to help us for preparing for their servers crash Big Grin we can make our own Big Grin lol
ok, i'm too idiot.
so i just have to wait for Valve's work.
it's incredible, my friend has VAC totally ok, but no router. so no problem with forward Smile
arf arf, i will wait a good time with my coffee, eyes on Enabled/Disabled Big Grin
lol. yea i really haven't had much of a problem at all on either of my servers, and both of them are behind routers. so i don't know. valve will probly have a release sometime next week with an update to fix some other things, maybe the vac fix will be in it as well. but who knows...
yeah, i'm ok now with VAC !

so what 've done :
i launch the dedicated server (command line)
i wait for the message "vac secure mode disabled"
and i type "exec server.cfg"
hop! secure mode is enabled Smile with status command.
VAC is enabled when joining the game
why dont u try adding this in ur launcher ?


srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_overwatch -maxplayers 8 -secure

try it Big Grin

:p i'm sure that is the way to do it .
The -secure start up parameter is not needed!

the only time you would use a start up parameter inregards to VAC would be the -insecure parameter, making your server insecure.

the -secure does nothing, all servers attempt to VAC secure automatically
Egg Wrote:why dont u try adding this in ur launcher ?


srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_overwatch -maxplayers 8 -secure

héhé Smile

i've tried it a long time ago Big Grin
but nothing more...
this a special install on my server Big Grin i'm not the only one ??? huuuuBig Grin

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