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problems whit srcds...
I hav put together a server, and i'd like to run 1 or 2 DoD:S servers on it?
the PC is a:
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
512 Mb Ram
Win xp Pro.
is it possibel to run 2 servers whit 12 players on this system?

My 2. problem is all the errors i get when i start a srcds... the server is working fine, and i can play on it, but ther is alot of erros on start up. i made a ss ss.JPG

hope some one can/will help me. thx

well first of all the box itself should be able to handle the servers, but if your planning on making them internet servers, the connection will be the limiter.

and all them errors, im pretty sure are common. valve is good for tons of console errors. you can try to re-run the updatetool with the "-verify_all" flag and that will make sure you have all the right files, and if the errors still come up, i wouldn't worry about it if you can join the server and nothing seems wrong.

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