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Server Rate Question

I just recently got my first dedicated server located in dallas tx on "the planet" network.
It's runing dual xeon's 2.8's with 2gigs of memory and 2000gb of monthly bandwidth.

Runing windows 2003 with latest updates...ect

I setup a 24/7 militia 32players 66tic
A 40player 24/7 office 66tic

Just the basic dedicated server files and at the begining of each round the pings would jump up really high and it would seem like the server would studder for about 30seconds then everything would smooth out nicely.

I bumped the servers down to 33tic and it was doing it even more. So I bumped them both back to 66tick and tryd out some settings that I found on the steam forums.

// Set Rates
sv_minrate 7500
sv_maxrate 20000
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_minupdaterate 20
fps_max 600

Thies settings have made the pings 10x more stable now, if they do increase its only by 5-10-15 at the begining of round then they go down. The issue I am having now is everyone is getting alot of choke, tryd many different settings on the client side and there still is choke.

I was curious if you guy's have some other settings that I should try out?

Thanks Guys
Much Appreciated
well you could try upping the updaterate a bit. if i remember right for a 66 tick it should be around 80 or soo, also be sure your client settings aren't above that. I know the planet servers can run really nicely (i used to run one =). also do you have the ping booster running? to actually take advantage of the fps_max 600.
also, this should explain a little bit of what can cause choke.. it may help, it may not.
I am running a pentium 2 400mhz server! it runs great. 10 slot no plugins. How do i check the tick rate in the console and how do i change it.

PS: Join up at to see if its running ok?
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