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Firewall config
Is there a list of ports that steam needs including vac? I think i have all the ports forwared that i need to but im missing one or so. I tried to use the search but it takes me to a white page.
Thanks in advance.
yup, search is down, but according to valve, and all my personal experience the only port that needs to be open for srcds is 27015 tcp and udp, or whatever the port of the server is.
Not quite right. You also need to open 27005 since it's the client communication port.
no, thats what port there outgoing connection is on, they still connect through 27015, or whatever the server port is set to. if you look on and seach on there support pages what ports need to be open for srcds it will tell you a bunch of ports, but if you look at how there labeled, only 27015 tcp is needed to run the server, and 27015 udp is needed for rcon, or maybe its the otherway around, but either way, its only 27015. well and i think its 27020 for hltv if you use it.

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