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Problems with maps differing
I have a CS:S dedicated server running and my problem is with the .bsp files. I ran a fresh install of the server and have only stock maps in rotation.

What is happening is the players will try to connect to the server and it will say their map differs from the server. The problem is that the copy of the bsp file on the server is changed and I have to run a "hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source". The server will then download new copies of the map files that differ and the players can then connect.

If I save a copy of the files before updating, then compare them, the MD5 checksum is different yet the file size is still the same. This is getting very frustrating as it happens randomly and frequently. The OS is fresh install of Windows server 2000 and there is nothing else running on the server. I have searched high and low on google for other people that have the same problem but I can't find anything.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I tried searching the forum before posting but it appears to be down.
yea the forum search feature is down Sad

but really if the server has all fresh copys of the map, probly whats happening is the client has a different version on the map, i know this happend on my server a lot when they came out with assault, cuz i used to have an older map called cs_assault, and the client would still have that bsp file, so as soon as they deleted the first cs_assault.bsp file, they could join the server fine. so basically, if the server has fresh installs of all the maps (and there stock maps) its probly not a server problem. anybody that gets that error, tell them to go to there maps directory and delete the bsp file with that name, and tell them to try and re-connect.
Not sure how the client can update the stock maps individually as they are a part of the .gcf files. If they were custom maps that would be possible but they are not.

If I extract the bsp file from the counterstrike gcf on the client side the md5 checksum will be different from the servers until I update the server. After the server downloads new copies the checksum of the client and server match and the client can connect. If it were one or 2 clients that couldn't connect I would think it's the clients problem but it's not. Nobody can connect.

It is like something is changing the MD5 checksum of the files on the server.
i have never heard of this.. but it does happen quite often with people having a bsp file in place of a stock map. cuz i know that was the biggest pain, almost everyone in my old clan had to search through there folders to delete the custom verysion of cs_assault to play the new version when valve released it. but if its happening all the time.. and on older maps then thats probly not the case.

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